Women Spiting by Aleinu


Women Spiting & Bowing By Aleinu



I am a woman and recently learned that there is a practice to spit at a certain part in Alienu. I grew up in another sect of Yiddishkeit where we just skipped that section so as to avoid benefiting from the spit produced to say those words. Now that I have learned that Chabad Chassidim actually do spit, I am kind of grossed out— I have never noticed women spitting before and it’s hard to imagine myself beginning this practice. I have been skipping Alienu besides saying the Al Tira section because I don’t know what to do. Should I spit too or is there a different Halacha for women since it is not so feminine to spit?



I’m aware that there are many versions of the siddur that omit those words. As far as I know, it’s not because of the reasons you mentioned. The reason you mentioned is brought as one of many explanations of why there is such a custom to spit during those words. This isn’t just a Chabad custom; it has much earlier sources.

You can always choose to spit into a tissue, in a modest secretive way.

Generally, women aren’t obligated to say Aleinu. But it is a good idea to say it. You should not refrain from saying it just because of the above issue.