What is the minimum measurement of dough for taking Challah? 


The requirement to separate Challah (and recite a blessing) from a dough is only when it contains the volume (not weight) of at least a tenth of an Aifah – 43 and 1/5 Kabeitza (eggs) – of flour.

Converting this measurement into weight depends on many factors, such as: the type of flour (whole wheat, all-purpose flour, high gluten, other types of grain, etc.), moisture content, sifting, and seasonal changes.

In practice, when using regular white (wheat) flour1:

  • 59 ounces of flour or more: One should separate, with a blessing.
  • Between 43 and 59 ounces: One should separate. Some say it should be done without a blessing, but many are lenient and make a blessing even with this amount.
  • Less than 43 ounces: Challah is not separated.


In all amounts mentioned above, one should avoid the margin of error, by using more or less flour.


Conversion table:
Pounds: Kilogram: Cups:
59 ounces: 3 lb. 11 oz. (3.6875 lbs.) 1.666 kg About 12 1/3 cups of flour
43 ounces 2 lb. 11 oz. (2.6875 lbs.) 1.230 kg About 8 2/3 cups of flour


יו”ד סימן שכד א. ובס’ שיעורי תורה עמ’ קסח. וע”ע צ”צ שו”ת יו”ד סו”ס רכג.



  1. When using flour of the other types of Minei Dagan (spelt, barley, oats, rye) there are different measurements, as they are approximately 15-20% lighter than wheat flour.