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What is the best way to check lettuce?

1. Cut and separate all the lettuce leaves from the root.

2. Insert the leaves in a bowl filled with a solution of water at room temperature, together with liquid soap, (preferably a special soap for washing vegetables). Use enough liquid soap so that the solution is slippery and sudsy. The bowl should be large enough to be able to agitate the lettuce properly.

3. Mix well the soap and water and agitate the lettuce vigorously, so that the soap will reach all areas.

4. Soak for about 15 minutes.

5. After the soaking, remove the leaves from the bowl.

6. Then pour the water from the bowl through a Shmata (such as a thick and dense cloth, dense like a Shabbos white shirt).

7. Check the water over a light table, or under a strong white lamp.

9. If worms are found in the water, then the lettuce should be washed with water and repeat step #2 and filter the water again, till you do not find any worms at all in the water, then go to the next step.

10. Rinse off on the lettuce leaves well on both sides of each leaf separately.

11. Take ten percent of the leaves and direct a stream of water at each leaf, on both sides, making sure that every spot, fold and corner is covered.

12. Rub these leaves with your fingers during the process.

13. Check both sides of these leaves, using a light table.

14. If there are no worms, the entire head of lettuce is now suitable for use.

Note: Families  should be encouraged to buy quality lettuce in the first place, such as ANDY BOYS.

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