Article #204: Disposing of Separated Challah


What do we do with the dough removed for Hafrashas Challah?

The dough that was separated for Challah was traditionally given to a Kohen. Nowadays, the custom is not to give it to a Kohen; rather, it is burned until it is totally inedible. In the olden days, it was burned on an open live fire, and that did not cause any problems. However, in our times, it is problematic to burn the Challah in our ovens because it is considered not kosher. The burning Challah can create a non-kosher scent, or even worse, non-kosher steam which could render the oven and other food and utensils in it non-kosher as well.

Besides the issue of Kashrus, we would be prohibited from baking other foods in the oven while the Challah dough is being burned in the oven, since we may not derive any benefit from the additional fuel created by the burning dough.

Storing it until Erev Pesach and burning it with the Chametz is not a good option either, since it is not advisable to postpone Mitzvos. In addition, leaving non-kosher food in one’s house could cause a stumbling block for someone who finds it, and not knowing that it is separated Challah, eats it or benefits from it in some way.

Some people wrap the Challah before burning it in their oven, but this does not always work; either it will not burn to the point of being inedible if it is wrapped, or a hole may form, which would defeat the entire purpose—which is to prevent any steam escaping from the burning dough.

A solution to this problem is to put the separated Challah into the garbage can; it is not considered disrespectful if one first pours some Ajax or chlorine on it to render it inedible, wraps it in a separate bag, and then puts it in the garbage. Disposing of it in this manner is permissible. Furthermore, it is actually considered burning the Challah, since all garbage is eventually burned.

Alternatively, one should remove the grates from the Stovetop, put the Challah in a can on the stovetop and burn it that way. Another creative, Mehudar and easy solution: dedicate a special toaster-oven just for burning Challah and burn it there.



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