What are the Halachos of giving presents and gifts during the year of Aveilos? Can one give a birthday present to a sibling? An appreciation gift to coworkers?


One should avoid giving presents during the year of “Aveilus” on a parent.

However if it is given as remuneration it is permissible, for example, a student to a teacher at the end of school year, husband to wife in honor of Yom Tov, or Chosson to Kallah.

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או”ח תרצו מ”א סקי״א בשם מהרי”ל. ובאמת, כ״ה כבר בריא״ז בשלה״ג מו״ק יז, ב. וע”ע במשנ”ב שם. וע”ע בשו”ת שבט הקהתי ח”א שכ”ו.

הדוגמא שבפנים – ראה דברי מלכיאל ה, רלג.