The Alter Rebbe rules that unsalted fish is Muktzah on Shabbos. Based on this is sushi Muktzah?


If one eats raw fish and it’s common in his locale to do so, it is not Muktzah. Some say it is necessary to have most people eat it. Shulchan Aruch is addressing a situation where it is not edible.

Regarding making sushi on Shabbos, see here:

Article: May one Prepare Sushi on Shabbos?

Regardless of the issue that Sushi can’t be made on Shabbos, it doesn’t become Muktzah on this account, as the raw fish in itself is edible as Sashimi.



.ראה שו״ת שבט הלוי ט, קסג בנוגע למי שנקלע ליפן. ודון מינה ואוקי באתרין
.ראה בלינק כאן דעת פוסקי זמנינו