If one is not sure if he forgot Hamelech Hakodosh on RH or YK what does one do?



Usually during Aseres Yemei Teshuva if one does not remember if he said Hamelech Hakodosh, he must Daven Shmone Esrei over again because one is used to saying differently all year, so he most likely said it as he says all year.

However, I was wondering if it’s perhaps possible to say that on Rosh Hashonoh itself and on Yom Kippur itself, it’s perhaps possible to assume that since the entire Shmone Esrei is altogether different, then can we assume that he most likely said it as it as is written in the Machzor, since there is no prior habit, as the conclusion of Hamelech Hakodosh is even removed from the beginning of the Bracha of Ata Kodosh?



If one knows with certainty that they recited ובכן תן פחדך, then one need not repeat Shemoneh Esrei.



ראה חיי״א כח, ח. מט״א תקפב, ח. אלף המגן יט בשם פת״ש ד. מור וקציעה קיד .שו״ת בית הלוי א, מד. משנ״ב תקפב, ד בשם שו״ת מים חיים כב. שערים מצוינים בהלכה קכט, ג. שו״ת יבי״א ז או״ח נא, ח.

וכש״כ כשהתפלל מתוך מחזור – ראה כה״ח תקפב, ז. שו״ת יד חנוך או״ח יט.

אבל ראה שד״ח מערכת ר״ה ג, ח שסתימת הפוסקים שבכל גווני צריך לחזור. ולמעשה ספק ברכות להקל.