Mechiras Chometz – – מכירת חמץ


Mechiras Chometz | מכירת חמץ

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Traveling East?
Make sure to sell your chometz at your destination
or participate in the early sale on the same website.


If one wishes to make a kinyan,
they can give an object (e.g. pen, watch, cellphone etc.) to an individual over bar or bas mitzvah and have them lift it up for the rav, Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun. The item belongs now to the rav. Now lift up the item that belongs to the rav. Through this you are giving authorization for the rav to be your agent to sell your chametz. (After the kinyan the rav allows you to take the item back.)


For those who wish to do mechiras chometz in person:
Rabbi Braun’s Mechiras Chometz Hours
at the Beis Din Office
390a Kingston Avenue (on the right of Kettle & Cord)

Sunday – Thursday 3-9pm

Sunday, day of Bedikas Chometz:

Recommended to come early.



Is it preferable to sell Chometz using a paper vs. an online form?