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Is it permissible to prepare to eat a bowl of muesli with cold liquid on Shabbos?


If when prepared the pieces do not clump or stick together, it is permitted.

If when prepared the pieces clump or stick together, it is permitted if the following conditions are met:

  1. A lot of liquid should be poured in, making it a loose mixture which can be poured.
  2. The normal order of mixing should be changed. (I.e. if normally the liquid is poured first and then the dry ingredients, you should first place the dry ingredients and then the liquid and vice versa).
  3. If the liquid is poured after the dry ingredients, it should be poured all at once.
  4. It should be mixed lightly.
  5. The way the ingredients are mixed should be done with a Shinoi. I.e. if normally it is mixed with a spoon, it should be mixed by shaking the bowl, the back of the spoon or knife or with finger. Alternatively it should be mixed in a across motions, not in a circle motion as normal mixing.

It is forbidden to make a thick mixture on Shabbos.




דינו שוה לגרנולה בשבת. וראה שבת כהלכה כב, נז וש”נ.



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