Hi, Is there a way I can kasher a Chometz pot to be used for Pesach? Thank you!


I will try to give you a basic overview of the details you need to know:


Note: This information is only for kashreing from year round use to Pesach use.

Other laws apply for year round kashering from non-kosher (such as meat and milk mixtures) to kosher. see here.



  • Enameled pots and glass pots (e.g. Pyrex) cannot be Kashered.
  • The custom is bot to kasher Plastic and other synthetic materials for Pesach.
  • Utensils which cannot be thoroughly cleaned such as those having crevices in which food may accumulate may not be Kashered, as is the case with utensils with loose-fitting handles.
  • Materials which might get ruined during the Kashering process may not be Kashered.
  • Teflon or enamel coated pots cannot be koshered.
  • In general, baking, roasting and frying pans cannot be Kashered unless they are always used with generous amounts of oil or other grease when cooking. If that is the case, they can be Kashered via Libun Kal which involves cleaning the pans well, not using them for 24 hours and then putting them on an open flame until both the inside and outside of the pan are hot enough to singe paper.


How to Kasher:

  • Thoroughly clean the utensils to be koshered and wait 24 hours.
  • Fill a kosher pot with water and boil.
  • Immerse the pot requiring Kashering for 15 seconds while maintaining a rolling boil.
  • The pot need not be completely submerged all at once; it can be immersed piecemeal, lowering each part into the water and keeping it there for 15 seconds.
  • After koshering, rinse the koshered pot in cold water.


If the pot to be koshered is too big to submerge in another pot:

  • Fill it with water to the very top. Boil the water. Heat a large stone or other piece of metal. Using a pair of tongs, throw the heated stone or metal into the pot causing the water to overflow the top of the pot.


Be very careful not to get scalded by the boiling water shooting out from the pot.

  • Pour out the water and rinse the pot with cold water.


If there is anything that is not clear to you in this process, feel free to ask.