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Does a Sous vide device/pot require Tevilas Keilim?


A Sous-vide machine generally has two parts:

  1. An immersion heating element – This does not require Tevilah.
  2. The water tub – If made of metal or glass, it is best to Toivel without a Brocho. [Generally, utensils that do not come in contact with foods or beverages, such as bottle and can openers do not require Tevilah at all. Here too, the food is placed in plastic bags and never comes into contact with the tubs. However, some regard the plastic bags as similar to the lining of a pan with foil or baking paper, which is an insufficient barrier between the food and the utensil in this case. Therefore, it is best to Toivel without a Brocho when the tub is made of glass or metal.]

For further information about Tevilas Keilim, please see this publication and this chart, both from the Badatz.


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