Do corn chips need to be Bishul Yisroel?

Many poskim maintain, at least in the USA, that corn is a food which isn’t subject to Bishul Yisroel, as it isn’t fit to be served at a king’s table. Others disagree. Certainly, with snacks or breakfast food, one may be lenient.
See here at length.

However, it’s necessary to emphasize one more point : if the food was made in a place where it’s fit to be served on a king’s table, many Poskim maintain it needs to be Bishul Yisroel even if it is shipped to a place where it is not fit to be served on a king’s table. This is specifically relevant regarding tortillas, which is fit to be served at a royal table in Mexico, but not in USA, at least until most recently. See Dinei Machalei Nuchrim pages 93-101.

(Some argue that corn can be eaten raw and therefore it does not need to be Bishul Yisroel. Most Poskim reject this argument, since its very uncommon to eat it raw.)