Do chickpeas and beans need to be Bishul Yisroel? In other words, can I buy canned chickpeas or beans with just a Hechsher on them?


Foods that are usually eaten raw or that are not Olah Al Shulchan Melachim (fitting for a kings table) do not fall under the prohibition of Bishul Akum.

However, most contemporary Poskim hold that beans and chickpeas are Olah Al Shulchan Melachim, and therefore a non-Jew may not cook the food. However, if a Jew turns on the flame, then it would be permitted. Note that in some locales they are eaten raw and the Halacha would be different.

Generally speaking, one who is Mehader in Kashrus would need Bishul Yisroel canned beans and chickpeas.