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May one get a Sheitel cut/styled on Chol Hamoed by a non-Jew? (It will be worn on Yom tov and at this point can’t be done before Yom tov.)

One is not allowed on Chol Hamoed to give something to a non Jew to be done on Chol Hamoed. However, if it was given on Chol Hamoed to the non Jew specifically to do after Yom Tov and he chose to do it on Chol Hamoed, it is permitted to be used.

The reason: Melachah performed by a non Jew on movable objects is more lenient than work done on real property and can be allowed. However, this is only if it was given to be done before Yom Tov without requesting that it to be done on Chol Hamoed, or if given on Chol Hamoed with clear instructions that it not be done on Chol Hamoed. This may be done whether the worker is contracted or paid by the hour.

One may also not state to the non-Jew that he needs it right away Motzai Yom tov. One may also not give them on Yom Tov things they would need in order to do their work. The work may not be done on the Jew’s premises. One may not measure or weigh or count the item when giving it to the worker on Chol Hamoed.



.שו״ע תקמג ב-ג. משנ״ב שם. שו״ע אדה״ז רמד, א. רנב, ד. רמד, כ. קו״א יו״ד. ועיי״ש שהביא דברי הט״ז בחוה״מ – תקמג, א

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