How do I kasher an oven in my new apartment?



The oven in the new apartment is completely cleaned, but not brand new. I tried to kasher it by turning it to the highest setting (550) and for some reason, it would only go for about 15 or 20 minutes and then the smoke alarm went off. So I had to turn off the oven and now I don’t know what to do. I would like to use the oven but how can I if I cannot kasher it on the highest setting?  I would also like to use the burners. I had placed them into the oven at the time I tried to kasher it so I could not finish the kashering process. I don’t have a blech yet so I cannot put the blech over the burners. May I just turn the burners on to their highest setting (it is a gas oven) and will that be sufficient to kasher the burners? If so. how long should I keep the highest fire going on the burners?



Everything should be cleaned well and left for 24 hours.

Oven – see here:

I should note that there are those that are stringent not to rely on kashering a non self clean oven and rather wrap all foods.

See here:

Moving into a house previously lived in by a Jew who did not keep kosher. Treif working electric oven. Can it be Kashered?

You may need to attempt this a few times due to residue which is burning, causing smoke and resulting in the smoke detector going off. Remember safety first!

Stovetop – turn on burners on high for 20 minutes, best to turn them upside down while doing this. The metal cooktop, drip tray and frame must be Kashered via Libun Kal (see here page 1) or Hagala (boiling water. This can be achieved by dipping it into boiling water or pouring boiling water on it along with a hot brick or hot iron).