Important Things to be Aware of When Moving Into a New Home



I moved into a new apartment and I do have various Shailos in regards to this, but this Shaila is about connecting devices during the Three Weeks: Am I permitted to plug the modem into the wall and activate it for internet use. I will be using the internet for many things, but more importantly, during this time, I will be using it for Shailos, Shiurim, learning and especially on Tisha B’Av as we mourn.

Also, I had bought a new device that shows the news and other things, and I ask if I am able to also set this device up in my new apartment?

I thank the Rav so very much for your kindness and help to me. I always want to do the right thing and I want to mourn properly. I ask also, could you give to me a bracha for my new apartment that I can do always the right thing here, and always, bring nachas to HaShem. Also for brachos for safety and protection, peace of mind and good health, to do many Mitzvos for HaShem and to do them properly always.



You may install those devices. It’s important to ensure the devices are filtered not to allow inappropriate material.

There are some important things to be aware of when moving into a new home:

  • Of course, make sure that all Mezuzos are put up on the necessary doorways in the proper locations and are Kosher according to Halacha.
  • Additionally, a Jewish home is evidently Jewish by the presence of Jewish books which also bring holiness into the home, because we are surrounded and affected by these holy books.
    • Specifically, we should have holy books in the “main room” (living room), such as Chumash, Tehillim, Tanya and Siddur and Jewish Law.
    • It would be best if the children mark their own bedroom by having a sign on the door reading “Tzivos Hashem Room”.
    • In their room they should have their own chumash, siddur, hagadda with pictures, tehillim, and (lehavdil) tzedaka box [nailed to the wall (see below for details)].
    • On these items they should write their names, preceded by the words לה’ הארץ ומלואה or in initials of לה”ו.
    • This applies to babies too.
  • In the kitchen [and children’s bedroom] one should have a Tzedaka box nailed to the wall, thus making it part of the building (if not possible – strong tape will do).
  • They can also hang there a framed certificate of the letter they received in the Sefer Torah for Jewish children.
  • Do your best to spend some time in your home every day to pray, learn Torah and give Charity. This will definitely bring upon Hashem’s presence in your home and bring upon you much blessings.

I extend my blessing and recommend that you also request a blessing from the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

P.S. I wish to comment on this that you write that you would like to mourn properly. Although Halachically this is a time when we practice laws of mourning, this time is also a very powerful time which will be transformed into days of joy and holidays when Moshiach will come. It is appropriate to learn the laws of the Bet Hamikdash at this time to develop a sense of yearning and exciting anticipation to the rebuilding of the Bet Hamikdash speedily in our days.



הוראה לקבוע קופת צדקה בחדר הילדים ע”י מסמר – בשיחת כ״ד אלול תשמ״ח לנשי ובנות ישראל  (התוועדויות ח”ד ע׳ 346). [ולהעיר, שבמק”א נזכר שתהא באופן שיוכל להניחה במקום גבוה לפני ש״ק].

וראה גם שיחת כ״ח אלול תשמ״ח – התוועדויות ע׳ 380. צום גדלי׳ תשמ״ט – התוועדויות ע׳ 24 ע״ד אורחים.  סה״ש תש״נ  ב ע׳ 482 הערה 48: נוסף על קופת הצדקה בחדר שלומדים תורה.

ברוב המקומות – חומש, סידור, ולהבדיל צדקה פושקע. אבל בסה״ש תשמ״ח א ע׳ 191 (בשיחת ה׳ טבת) נזכר גם תהילים. וכ”ה בסה״ש תשמ״ז ע׳ 519. ובשיחת ט״ז אדר תשמ״ז בעת ה״יחידות״ (התוועדויות ב ע׳ 648), שמה טוב להוסיף גם ספר תהלים, אם ספר תהלים בפ״ע, או לרכוש סידור שנכרך עמו גם ספר תהלים (כסידורי חב״ד) אבל שיש לו שער בפ״ע.

הגדה של פסח – שם בשיחת ט״ז אדר תשמ״ז. ויקרא תשמ״ז – סה״ש תשמ״ז ע׳ 379. לקו״ש לב ע׳ 26.

ובסה״ש תשנ״ב ע׳ 360:  ומה טוב – אויך אן אייגענעם קליינעם תניא.

ובכל אופן, הכוונה שיהא מלא ספרים, עיי״ש בשיחת ט״ז אדר. ובכ״מ.

ושם בשיחה נזכר בין הדברים, לא להסתפק בכך שיש שם גם תשמישי קדושה כמו ט״ק של הילד ונש”ק של הילדה.

גם לתינוק בן יומו – סה״ש תשמ״ז א ע׳ 327.

שלט צבאות ה’ – שיחת ש״פ מטו”מ תשמ״ז (התוועדויות ד ע׳ 135).

תעודה במסגרת על הקיר – ראה אות בספר התורה ע׳ 87.

וראה לקו״ש יד ע׳ 280. כו ע׳ 420. סה״ש תשמ״ז א ע׳ 326. שם ב ע׳ 598. ע׳ 602. תש״נ ב ע׳ 408. סה״ש תנש״א ב ע׳ 606. תשנ״ב ע׳ 89. שיחת כ״ה תשרי תש״נ. ועוד.