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Is it permitted for children to attend a parent’s chupah on Zoom?


Question Continued:

My father is getting remarried tomorrow, and we, his children will not be able to travel to attend due to the covid-19 pandemic. He has sent us a link to a Zoom and suggested it’s ok for us to join the chupah via zoom even though we wouldn’t have been allowed to be at the chupah in person.

What is the reason children do not attend the chupah of a parent?

May we ‘join’ for the chupah, or should we only log on during the reception afterward?



The common practice among ashkenazim is that children should not attend their parents’ wedding. One of the reasons given is out of respect for the other parent. Based on this there is no problem watching the wedding over zoom since there is no actual participation.



מנהג האשכנזים בזה – ראה מנהגים דק”ק וורמיישא חלק ב’ עמוד נא (ושם גם ע”ד הסעודה ואפי’ הליכה לביהכ”נ בו ביום). ובטעם הדבר בדא”פ ראה דבר יהושע ח”ב סי’ קיג. וי”א עוד טעמים והעיקר משום רגשי הלב ותלוי בכ”א לפי ענינו.