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Undoing Closed Up Doors and Windows as per tzavaas Rabbi Yehuda HaChossid


We found out that the apartment we are living in had a window sealed up years ago.

It is not evident where the window actually was.

In order to fix the issue by placing a tzinor (pipe), do we need to find the exact location where the window was, or anywhere on that wall is sufficient?


Usually, the hole is supposed to be in the same place where the original opening was.

PS. It should be noted that some are lenient in a case where many years have passed from when it happened and many people have lived there throughout without having any harm befall them. One should not rely on this.


כן מובן בצוואת ריה״ח כ. וכן מפורש בס״ח תסא. ובכ״מ. וראה גם שו״ת חיים ביד כה. ובארוכה דרכ״ת קטז, נד. אבל ראה שבעים תמרים לשם. מילי דחסידותא לס״ח שם.

בעבר זמן רב – ראה שו״ת חקל יצחק מו. בית אבי ב, סט.