Exercise Toy in the shape of a human face



Are you allowed to have in your house, a toy, meant for exercise (specifically punching) which has the shape of a human face, however no legs or arms, and also has a deformed forehead top of the head?



If one feels they truly need a punching bag, they should get a regular free-standing punching bag instead of a human figure punching bag. The only potential allowance for such a human figure punching bag would be if there was missing an eye or ear, i.e. an integral part of the face.



One may not have a figurine of a person צורת אדם, Shulchan Aruch Yoreh Deah 141:4.

See also Darkei Teshuva ibid:30.

In addition in these matters, it is not proper to have and punch a non-tznius figure. For exercise and preparing for self-defense, one can suffice with a free-standing punching bag.