Can I use Ma’aser money to fly down and check out a potential Shlichus opportunity?



I am looking into a potential Shlichus opportunity. But first, the current Shliach needs to interview me. He is not willing to meet me in Crown Heights and therefore needs me to fly down to him (at my own expense). If the interview goes well, I will also be able to check out the place. Am I allowed to use Maaser money to fly there and pay for other expenses (car rental…)?



Maaser money may be used. However, it is always better (if possible) to use private funds.



ראה: שו”ע יו”ד סי’ רמ”ט סעי’ א’ בהגהה (בשם מהרי”ל), ובש”ך ס”ק ג’, ובט”ז שם ס”ק א’, באדה”ז בהל’ ת”ת פרק א’ סעיף ז’, ובסדר ברכת הנהנין פרק י”ב סעיף ט, וכן בלקו”ש חלק ט’ ע’ 346, ראה גם חתם סופר יו”ד סי’ רל”א ורל”ב, ועוד.