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Why do many Chassidim skip Tachanun on the Yartzeit of a Tzadik


There is such a custom, practiced in many Chasidic circles, but many poskim criticize it. It seems to have originated in places where a siyum is made on the day of the yahrzeit.

It should be noted that on Lag B’omer, considered to be the day of the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the custom is not to say tachanun.

The Rebbeim of Chabad wouldn’t say tachanun on Zayin Adar, which is the day of the birth and yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbeinu, but this is not a custom is to be observed by their Chassidim.

Some say this custom should only be observed if one lives in the place where the tzadik is buried and the yahrtzeit is celebrated with great fanfare. A

lthough the Rebbe Rashab once commented that he would have preferred if Chabad would keep this minhag on the days of Chabad Rebbeim’s yahrtzeit, it is not the Chabad custom. On the contrary, the Tzemach Tzeek stated that there is no better time to say daven and recite tachanun  than a yahrtzeit.


ע״פ פירש״י יבמות קכב, ב – משמרת שלום יב. וראה נימוקי או״ח קלא להרה״צ ממונקאטש מש״כ בתוקף בשלילת המנהג. וע״ד מנהגנו – ראה אג״ק ז, שיא. שם יט, ריד. וראה רשימת היומן ט-יו״ד כסלו תרצ״ג – ע׳ רצא, ובכמה שיחות קודש – נסמנו בהערה 18. וראה עבודת אפרים שטיין יב. שו״ת יבי״א ג, יא. הליכות שלמה יג הערה ז. תפלה כהלכתה טו הערה לז.

בנוגע לז׳ אדר – ראה ס׳ המנהגים ע 72. לקו״ש טז ע׳ 351 הערה 79.




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