Can you kasher this Gas on Glass Cooktop? Is there any way to use it on Pesach? Maybe by covering the glass with foil…


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The gas burners sit above the level of the glass, and the glass surface is largely exposed to heat via spills. For Pesach, once the actual burners and grates are Kashered properly*, the glass surface beneath can be covered with a durable and heat-proof covering or lining. [For example, several layers of aluminum foil].


* For gas cooktops, the grates are Kashered through Libbun Gommur (heating the grates until they glow red-hot in the dark). The burners, drip-trays and cooktop surface beneath the grates are Kashered by cleaning them thoroughly, after which Libbun Kal (heating the metal until the other side is hot enough to scorch paper) is performed. One way to achieve all of this is by turning all the burners on the highest, and covering the entire cooktop with a Blech until the grates glow red-hot, by which time the other components of the cooktop will have reached the heat of Libbun Kal. [Do not leave the stove unattended when Kashering with this method, and ensure adequate ventilation.]