Can I begin Bentching in one place and conclude elsewhere?


Birchas Hamazon must be said seated and in one succession. Some say it is a biblical obligation to say it in one succession.

One must also say Birchas Hamazon in the place that they ate.

As a practical solution, you can have intent while starting the meal to finish the meal somewhere else and take with you some bread (a kazayis) to ‘finish your meal’ in the place where you can say Birchas Hamazon properly.



ראה שוע”ר סי’ קפג סעי’ יא-יג ובמשנה ברורה שם ס”ק ל “שאין מברכין אלא במקום אחד כתפלה”. ושוע”ר סי’ קפד סעי’ א לברך במקום שסיים לאכול.