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We have an older man (Frum, unrelated) staying by us for a few days and my husband is leaving town for the weekend while I want to stay here with my two children (both under five). Is there any way this can be done without being a problem of Yichud?


The children don’t qualify as Shomrim.

See here:

Article: Can a Child Be a Shomer for Yichud?

There however are several potential solutions. See the references below for all the relevant details.

* If he brings another two kosher men with him for the night or one child 5-9 years old. By day, one other kosher man is sufficient.

For the definition of kosher men, see here:

What are the Halachos of Yichud when using Uber or Uber pool? 

For references, see #2712


* If you have CCTV.

See here:

Article: Does CCTV qualify as Shmirah?


* If you hand out keys to neighbors.
See here:

Article: Handing out House Keys to Preclude Yichud




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