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Is it permitted for my students (2nd grade) to Daven Shmoneh Esreh and all of Davening, facing a wall that has a Rebbe picture on it? The Rebbe picture is very high up on the wall, where students are probably not looking during Davening. The Rebbe’s picture is on the front wall of the classroom which is Mizrach.


Although there is room to permit under certain conditions when it is not at eye level, this should not be done for many reasons.

Poskim specifically caution that pictures of people are worse than other paintings.

Indeed, rumor has it that the Rebbe was opposed to pictures in Shul Bichlal, even when high up, and even when not on the eastern wall, especially if it’s positioned in a place where many face that wall when Davening.


שוע”ר סי’ צ סעי’ כב וראה אג”ק ח”י ע’ קלו. ובפוסקים דצורת אדם חמיר טפי. וראה שו״ת שמחת כהן א, א (ובמהדו״ח – או״ח מד). דברי מלכיאל ו, ב. צי״א יט, ח. משנ״ה ד, קט ואילך. והרים הכהן ג, ח. ובקובץ תפארת יהודה קלמן אריכות גדולה בנושא. וראה המסופר בהתקשרות גל׳ תתקמט. וש״נ.



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