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1. According to Chabad custom, when do we use “Heker Tzir” for an exterior door? 2. What is the Halacha if there’s a double door with a post in between? The post can be removed or lifted but usually just remains stationary. Do we need 1 or 2 Mezuzas?


Picture of post


1. The rules for determining the correct placement of the Mezuza are complex, differing from door to door. However, in regards to the exterior door leading from the outside, we always place it on the right side as we are entering the house regardless of Heker Tzir, Ikar/Tafel etc.

What needs to be determined is whether a particular door is actually the exterior door. From the enclosed picture I understand that there is a gated area before the actual door. If the gated area serves a purpose on its own (parking, playing etc.), it renders the gate as the exterior door, thus the “official” glass door is a second door. In this case the Mezuza on the glass door would be placed based on the Heker Tzir (in this case, on the right side when leaving the building).

However, if the gated area serves no purpose other than to lead to the “official” door, its requirement of Mezuza is only due to the “official” door. Therefore the glass door will still be considered the exterior door, so the Mezuza would be placed on the right side of the glass door as you are entering the house regardless of Heker Tzir.


2. In regards to the post in the middle: If the purpose of the post is to divide the entrance into 2 doorways (examples for this determination: the doors are connected with hinges to the post, the entrances are used for different uses, entrance/exit, etc.), and the post is at least a Tefach (3.15 inches) wide, 2 Mezuza’s are needed. If the post is less than a Tefach, only 1 Mezuza is needed on the most right side.

If however the purpose of the post is not to divide the entrance into 2 doorways, but rather just as a support beam or for fancy – it requires only 1 Mezuza on the most right side. (examples for this determination: the hinges are not on the post, they are used alternately by random, etc.).

From the picture it’s hard to know if the post is more than a Tefach, but it seems like the post is part of the design of the glass walls, and therefore requires only 1 Mezuza. (see above regarding which side to place it).


P.S. The factor of the beam being removed etc. can also help determine its purpose. For example, if it’s removed to allow for large crowds to enter at the same time, it means that it’s really one entrance.



בימין הנכנס – שו”ע יו”ד רפט, ב.

הוראת כ”ק אדמו”ר מהורש”ב שהולכים לפי היכר ציר חוץ מכניסה ראשית – ראה שעהו”מ יו”ד ע’ שמ-שמא.

חיוב בית שער בגלל שפתוח לבית – שו”ע רפו, ז.

עיין מנחות לג, ב וברש”י שם ד”ה בפתח – שבפחות מטפח פטור, וביותר מטפח חייב.

טור יו”ד רפו, כא – שכוונת רש”י שחייב ביותר מטפח היא רק כשנעשה לחלק (אחד לצפון ואחד למערב, או שנבדל לגמרי).

הפרטים והדוגמאות – עפ”י שו”ע רפו, כא. ט”ז ס”ק יב. ש”ך ס”ק כז.




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