What is the correct size of the “Yud” in the Kesher (knot) of the hand Tefillin?



The size of the yud kesher on my brother’s tefillin bothers me because it’s too long on one side and too short on the other (it’s diagonal, it starts off short but as it slopes down it gets longer). I was told that according to kzos Hashulchan if it’s long it’s a problem because it looks like vov. But since it’s only long on one side Maybe it doesn’t look like vov.

Also, the short side which might be less than seora, is it always a problem or only when both sides are less than seora?



You did not specify the exact measurements.

In general, the strip of retzuah the sticks out of the kesher shel yad must be 1 centimeter (10 millimeters) wide.

Regarding the length, it is best if it is 10 millimeters long on the short (diagonal) side and not more than 14 millimeters on the long side.

However, the essential part is just that whatever is sticking out should be 1 centimeter wide and preferably a minimum of 1 centimeter long as well.



הר”ח נאה שהזכיר הוא בסוף ההקדמה לשיעורי תורה ובההערות לחלק א’ של קצות השלחן. ראה גם שו”ת מהרש”ג ח”א סי’ ל”ב, לבושי מרדכי יו”ד סי’ קצ”ב (שתיהם לאותו שואל), פני מבין או”ח סי’ ט”ז. ועוד.