Is there an Inyan in Chabad to Lein for Bar Mitzva?


Question continued:

I’m asking because my son is becoming Bar Mitzva right after Pesach, and I understood that the priority should be learning the ma’amar Beal pe, and then if he knows it, he can continue through leining. Wanted to know what would be the best course of action.



The Rebbe strongly discouraged Bar Mitzvah boys from spending their pre-Bar Mitzvah time practicing how to lein. Although this can give him good skills if he wishes to become a Baal Koirei, that is not the purpose of a Bar Mitzvah. This time should be dedicated to preparing the child for the responsibility of accepting all mitzvos, i.e. he should become proficient in the necessary Halachaos how to run a Jewish life. Even studying the ma’amar is secondary to this objective.

It should be noted that not all Bar Mitzvah boys are capable of studying an entire Maamar Baal Peh. Even if he studies a portion of the Maamar, and even if has to read from the text bifnim, this is still okay. More important is him understanding the responsibility of a Bar Mitzvah – to know the basic day-to-day halachos.

See the Rebbe’s Igros Kodesh letters #6724, #7549 & #7564