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I just moved into a new apartment. The one that lived there before probably didn’t keep Kashrus. How can I Kasher formica counters?


Kashering a countertop:

Granite countertops:

  1. Preparing the countertop: The countertop must be thoroughly cleaned. if any dirt is on the countertop it cannot be Koshered (generally speaking). A mere discoloration however is fine. (feel the discoloration with your hand to ascertain if it is just a discoloration or if there is actual dirt). The countertop must be completely dry before koshering
  2. Pour boiling water over entire countertop and move a hot stone or iron over counter top. Rinse counter with cold water

Formica countertops:

  1. Pour boiling water (no stone). Best to do so three times.
  2. Do not place hot food or pots directly on counter.



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