Do Chassidim consider Tisha B’av a day of mourning?



I was watching a video about whether Chassidim consider Tisha B’Av a day of mourning which got me a little confused. Am I supposed to make an effort to be sad or just focus on rebuilding the Beis Hamikdash and Moshiach? In general, I’m a bit confused about whether Chassidim can ever be sad or we should push away any sad emotions and always be happy.



I can’t comment about what you heard or saw somewhere else.

As for your actual question:

There is an halachic obligation to mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash on Tisha B’av. One may not be Masiach Da’as (remove their focus) from the mourning. One may not engage in any behavior which causes one to engage in laughter or lose focus of mourning. Already from Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av one must decrease acts of happiness.

At the same time we may never fall into depression and must serve Hashem with Simcha. Davening and Avodas Hashem must be B’Simcha. And even the recital of Kinos must involve Simcha that we are privileged to serve Hashem.



מאור ושמש וישב לט, ב. עבודת ישראל פרשת מסעי. שיח שרפי קודש בין המצרים ז בשם החוזה מלובלין. לקו׳ש א ע׳ 194. שיחת ש״פ מסעי תשמ״א.

בנוגע לת״ב – אגרות קודש יב ע׳ רצז. שיח השדה דברים קצה, הובא בשו״ת דברי ישראל או״ח קנה.