Music plays an extremely integral part to the general success of a camp program. is there any room al pi halacha to be matir music during the three weeks in any way shape or form?


One should not listen to music during the Bein Hemeitzarim (three weeks).

Some authorities are lenient by slower non happy music. However there is no room to allow happy fast pace Niggunim on the campgrounds.

If it deemed by the camp directors a real must for the campers to have music, one could find room to play Niggunim like the slower version of צמאה לך נפשי and similar types of Niggunim. Non happy cappella music may be acceptable for a kid’s camp.

It should be noted that the success of a summer camp is to educate the children to have Yiras Shomayim. Therefore, it’s appropriate not to look for היתרים .



See Igros Moshe (Orach Chayim 1:166)

And here:

Is listening to Chabad Nigunim allowed during Sefira (with musical instruments)? Does it make a difference if it is just the melody of the Nigun as opposed to with chords, or other types of harmony? Are we more strict with this during the 3 weeks?