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Is there a problem regarding Techum Shabbos for camping in state parks?


Rabbinically a person cannot walk beyond 2000 Amos (in all directions) from his מקום שביתתו resting place which is 4×4 Amos on Shabbos.

In a city or uninterrupted campground one can consider the entire area as a resting place but beyond that place one cannot travel beyond 2000 Amos.

Therefore the way to measure the 2,000 Amos by a campground is if there are no houses or built structures or walls so that is מקום שביתתו and one can only walk an additional 2000 Amos beyond that area on Shabbos.

There is a way one could travel up to 4000 Amos in a single direction from one’s resting place on Shabbos by placing some protected food outside of the camping grounds within the original 2000 Amos.



Shulchan Aruch Harav Orach Chayim Simanim: 396; 398; 408.