Is one who finds it harmful to eat dairy permitted to eat chicken during the Nine Days?



I saw in Kitzur Shulchon Aruch (122:8) that one who finds it harmful to eat dairy they are permitted to eat meat of a chicken. Is this accurate? If yes, am I permitted to eat chicken as I am highly allergic to all dairy products to the extent where I carry an EpiPen where ever I go, G-d forbid I need it.

That is correct.

The reason for abstaining from meat during the Nine Days is twofold:

  1. Because meat is associated with joy.
  2. Because meat is reminiscent of the Korbonos which were halted at the time of the Churban.

These reasons don’t apply to the same degree with regards to chicken – it is not associated to the same degree with joy, and because chicken was not offered up as a Korbon.

Although the Minhag is to abstain from chicken nonetheless, and there is absolutely no leniency for a healthy person, the Bach (552:2) and Magen Avraham (551:28) are lenient for a person to whom dairy is harmful. This is because abstaining from all dairy and all meat for a period of nine days would have a detrimental health effect (Shvus Yaakov §36), and is therefore allowed when needed (Oruch Hashulchan 551:24).

The concern of a detrimental health effect certainly loomed large in times bygone when the range of available food was relatively minimal. Therefore, in our times, when there is a wide range of high protein foods, it would be appropriate to avoid poultry as well if you are absolutely certain that this will not lead to detrimental health effects.