Will people live forever after Techiyas Hameisim?


The Pasuk in Yeshayahu1 says “the death will be swallowed up forever and Hashem will erase tears from all faces.” See Rashi on this verse where he says “death will be hidden forever.”

In Breishis Rabbah2 there is a dispute between the Tenaim if there will be eternal life after Techias Hameisim for the gentiles, but all opinions agree that the Jews will have everlasting life.3

The view of the Rambam4 is that eventually even after Techiyas Hameisim people will live a long life and eventually die. Virtually all views reject the Rambam’s view, namely the Ramban5 This is also the view of Kabbalah and Chassidus like the view of the Ramban and other Rishonim that life will be eternal after Techiyas Hameisim.6





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