I visit a man on Mivtzoyim that may have a little warped beliefs in relation to Yoshke, do I need to be concerned to lay Tefillin with him?


Full Question:

In one of the offices I visit on Mivtzoim on a weekly basis there’s a gentleman that may have a little warped beliefs in relation to Yoshke, some of his Jewish Co-workers say that he had once worked for J4J and holds strong beliefs about Christianity.

(He is attached to those believes emotionally, as when he was not well with a risk of having one of his hands amputated, some Priest came to see him and promised him that if he undertook to acknowledge Yoshke as the…, his hand will be spared, and so his hand was).

I was told that he openly shares his beliefs with others and encourages them to accept some bizarre beliefs too, it has been noticed praying some Christian prayers.

However, whenever I come to see him he proudly lays Tefillin and even takes notes when I say over a Dvar Torah, each week he tries to follow along with me with the Hebrew, which he’s really keen on learning.

My question simply is, should there be any concerns laying Tefillin with such an individual, someone that besides for his bizarre beliefs is a Chotei and Macthei Es Horabim with regard to Oso Haish?



Do NOT teach him Hebrew or any Divrei Torah.

You may lay Tefillin with him if there is no concern he is putting it on for the purpose of worshipping his deity and there is no concern that he will use this to assist in his heretical activities, e.g. ensure there are no pictures, etc.