May one apply for a grant with no intention of keeping the conditions?



The big grant available for seminary  makes you sign that you will continue after with college for at least a certain amount of time. Is one allowed to sign that and not actually go?  It’s kind of lying if you sign and don’t go…but if I don’t get this grant I most probably won’t be able to go to seminary.. what should I do?



One may not lie or mislead people, Jews or non-Jews, including governments or institutions.

Even if this means you won’t be able to go to seminary, this wouldn’t justify deceptive practices on your part.

Regarding receiving a seminary grant, you should consult with an expert in these grants to see if there are grants that do not require one to commit themselves to enroll in a college afterwards.




שו”ע אדה”ז הלכות אונאה וגניבת דעת יא-ג