How do we determine the placement of Mezuzah on a sliding door?



In a case of a sliding door that opens from house to a balcony that is 4 by 4 Amos – how do we determine placement of Mezuza?

Also I have read that in case of sliding doors it depends on which side the sliding frame is. (If it’s close/towards the inside of house) so the Mezuza goes on the right towards the balcony.



According to Minhag Chabad, we follow the rule of ‘’Heiker Tzir’’. In this case, if the track that the door slides on is inside the house, we put the Mezuza on the right side, coming from the balcony into the house.

Otherwise (or in a case that we cannot determine the side of the frame) we put the Mezuza on the right from the house to the balcony.



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