Would it be ok if I use my pool to go to Mikvah?




I don’t feel comfortable going to mikvah anymore, the one I have near me is small and the women make me feel exposed and uncomfortable and everyone waits in the same waiting room together. I’ve found myself not wanting to go anymore.

Would it be ok if I use my pool to go to mikvah and prepare at home?



A pool is not a mikvah, and does not work to achieve Tahara. One who immersed in a pool is considered a full-fledged niddah in all respects, and having relations in such a situation incurs kares, Heaven forbid.

You most certainly may do – and should do -the preparations at home. However, the tevilah must be done in a properly constituted Mikva.

With that being said, it might be worth it to explore mikvaos in neighboring communities provided they have a good hashgocha. Alternatively, you may wish to consider having a discussion with the management of the mikvah, to see if they can arrange private scheduling for you at a later time where you won’t have this issue. You might need to reimburse them with extra pay for working outside normal hours.