I Toiveled some things and then I noticed that the sticker was on. Do need to Toivel it again? 


One of them was a serving tray that also had a bit of glue on it, and one was a water heater but the metal was inside, and the sticker was only on the outside plastic.

Also do I need to Tovel a knife with a Bracha?

Can I Tovel things that don’t need a Brachah and things that do together?



1. If:

a)  The glue or sticker is not covering the majority of the tray or heater, AND

b) There is no Kpeida – one does not care using them while the glue or sticker is on them (e.g. if it is underneath or if it is insignificant etc.), then there is no need to Tovel it again.

If any of these two conditions are not met, it should be Toveled again.

2. Yes.

3. Most certainly. It is actually advised to Tovel dishes that do not require a Bracha at the same time as dishes that do require a Bracha, so that the Bracha go on them too.



1. מיעוט ואינו מקפיד – שו׳ע יו״ד רב, ב. שם ה. ש״ך ב. אדה״ז קסא, ג.

2. פשוט. ורק בסכין של שחיטה אינו מברך – שו״ע יו״ד קכ, ה ובנו״כ.

3. תוס׳ ע״ז עה, ב ד״ה ואי. מרדכי שם תתנט. או”ה נה, פב. שם צא. וצ״ע בלשון השו״ע יו״ד קכ, ט. ט״ז יו״ד קכ, יח. ש״ך שם יב. שם טז. פר״ח כז. וראה טהרת ישראל שם ה. דרכ״ת עד. חלקת בנימין עז.