In Hayom Yom Daled Teves, does “פרשה אדער צוויי” imply the sixth and seventh Aliyos, or the first and second?



It means the first and second Aliya, as is clearly implied in the original source and in Igros Kodesh of the Rebbe.


Question 2:

Sorry, but the wording of  סה״ש תש״ב ע׳ 27 seems to be identical to that in the Hayom Yom.

So, how do we learn from this text that it means the two first Aliyos, rather than the two last aliyos; or maybe Parshiyos, open, or closed, of Torah; or maybe the entire weekly portion, or two when these are combined?

As for the אג״ק יח ע׳ תקס , it does not seem to address this matter.

Can you please add some clarifications?


Answer 2:

The wording  is: פלעגן אנהויבן, implying the beginning of the Parsha.

In Igros the wording is: לגמור שלא ביום ההתחלה. In other words, that we are discussing the התחלה of Shnayim Mikra without the end.

Besides, the words  א פרשה אדער צוויי in colloquial usage can only mean a section or two. When referring to the entire Parsha, the expression is usually סדרה. And even those who use the term פרשה, would write דער פרשה, not א פרשה.



סה״ש תש״ב ע׳ 27. אג״ק יח ע׳ תקס.

אבל להעיר מכתהאריז״ל, בשער המצות פ׳ ואתחנן, לקרוא כ״ו פסוקים אחרים שלא למד במשך יום ראשון עד חמישי.