Can Tefillin be checked and put back together (and “L’Sheim Mitzvas Tefillin” said) at night?


What about putting on new Retzuos, making the Kesher, and painting it at night?






See Pnei Maivin (1:14); Daas Torah 31:2 ד”ה ובדין.

Even with regard to Tzitzis, the consensus is to permit making them at night. See Chikrei Minhagim 2:48 for a complete list of references.

Certainly, one may put together Tefillin at night.

In essence, Tefillin are not intrinsically invalid to wear at night – לילה זמן תפילין מן התורה. Even Midrabanan night is the time for Tefillin, but one may not wear it at that time due to a Gezeira – see Hagada Shel Pesach of the Rebbe (5762) p. 617, letter dated 11 Nissan 5728, in the footnotes.

Even if one were to follow a view that Tefillin are not intrinsically valid at night, nonetheless, there is no need that when the Tefillin are being worked on that it needs to be by daytime.



עוד ילה״ע, שבהניח בלילה מפורש דסגי למשמש, וא״צ לחלוץ ולהניח מחדש.

ואף גם לדעת הרמב״ם דלילה לאו דמן תפילין ויליף לה מקרא דמימים ימימה – העיקר, שגם בציצית נתבאר שמעיקר הדין מותר לקשור כבלילה. והבו דלא לוסיף עלה.  אלא שבלא״ה לא קייל״ן הכי.