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What do I do if I dropped a Mezuzah on the ground?



I feel very badly because while I was trying to affix a mezuzah, it went on the ground briefly.

I had put it on top of my phone which was resting on the ground as I was going to put it up on a doorway outside. But then I accidentally made it roll off to the ground. It was wrapped only in parchment.

Is there anything I should do? Also is it ok that I then put up that same Mezuzah already?



The idea of fasting when holy objects fall to the ground G-D forbid is exclusive to a Sefer Torah or tefillin, not mezuza. However it is proper to give tzedaka as a means of teshuva, and some write to give in the amount of 18 – Chai (18 cents, 18 quarters or 18 dollars, etc.).



בשו”ת באר משה ג, ט כתב לתת צדקה במספר ח”י. אבל מיירי כשנפלה מידו משא”כ כאן שנפלה מעל איזה דבר, אבל מ”מ אינו דומה לנפלה ממזוזות הפתח. וראה גם שו”ת משנ”ה ה, קצה.

אבל אינו צריך להתענות, לב חיים פלאגי ג, קלא. ארחות חיים ספינקא או”ח מ, א. שו”ת מהרש”ם ב, רסד