Utensils Used for Kitniyos



Several Pesach’dike dishes were used for rice – (that had a Kosher lePesach hechsher). May they be used on Pesach by Chabadnik Ashkenazim?

Can these utensils be used next year if stored with the Pesach kelim?



If they were used with hot Kitniyos it may be used after waiting 24 hours, though you should inform them, as some are Machmir.



שו”ע או”ח סימן תנג סעיף א ברמ”א, ובכה”ח סקכ”ז.

אבל ראה בהליכות שלמה פרק ד סעיף יח שהחמיר בדבר, ועיין שם הערה 102 שהיקל רק בדיעבד בהפ”מ בספק קטניות.