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Traveling With a Baby Overseas



I recall reading in Igros Kodesh that the Rebbe instructs not to take a baby under 1 year overseas.

Question: Is the issue only to go overseas (plane), or even to another (neighboring) country (i.e., driving from the US to Canada)? Was this a personal directive or a general one for everyone? Would you know the reason for this?



It’s not an actual instruction. The Rebbe expresses surprise about the decision to travel with the baby.

It’s about traveling to a place which has a different climate. The Rebbe makes specific mention about change in air and water.

I am not aware of an instruction like that to the public. Advice dispensed in one particular letter doesn’t necessarily indicate a directive for the public.

The Rebbe writes in that letter that he is under the impression that this is the opinion of doctors – for safety reasons.


ראה אגרת ד’תסד – אג״ק כרך יג ע׳ קצה.