Kashering a sink faucet for Pesach



I remember once hearing that there is a problem kashering certain sink faucets.

I may be somewhere for Pesach where the head of sink faucet (the main faucet) can detach and became hand held with a retractable hose (I think which may be be plastic) and the head has a button on it that you press and it sprays like a shower. Is there a problem kashering this faucet for Pesach? If there is a problem, would there be a problem using this sink on Pesach if I only used cold water from this sink on Pesach and was careful to move the faucet to the side whenever pouring something hot into the sink? Is there any other eitza?



One should clean the spout, faucet and hose very well, and wait 24 hours.

Afterwards, one should turn the water of the faucet in the highest temperature, extend the faucet and placed it entirely in a boiling pot of water for brief moment – using the method of Hagaalah. Don’t leave it too long because it might ruin the hose.

The parts that can’t go into the pot should be kashered via Irui – pouring boiling water over it.

See details here:

Download: Kashering Made Simple – – חדש גם בעברית: הכשרת כלים לפסח

Additionally (i.e., after doing all of the above), one should tape close the hose extension and not use it on Pesach.


Follow-up Questions:

1. When I do hagalah, should the hot water still be running?

No need.

2. When I do hagalah, I will need to take the pot off of the stovetop, I assume it will keep boiling for at least part of the time as I am submerging the faucet, but may stop boiling by the end is that ok? 

It’s ok.