Matzah for someone who has difficulty swallowing



An elderly (Lubavitch) person has difficulty swallowing (including danger of choking and pneumonia from food particles) and now only eats pureed food. The only safe way for him to eat Matzah would be to have it ground up mixed with water, so that it has the consistency similar to apple sauce. Should he eat Matzah this Pesach? Not at all? Anytime during Pesach? or Just for the sedorim and the last day?



For the Sedorim he may grind it and mix it with water only. The mixing with water must be done immediately before eating it.

For the rest of Pesach, (excluding Acharon Shel Pesach when we eat gebroks), he may eat it ground mixed with a fruit juice such as grape juice, but not with water.



שו״ע אדה״ז סי׳ תס״א סעי׳ י״ב וי״ג. וראה #13417:

Matzah for the Jew without teeth

וברכתם המוציא כל זמן שלא שהה כ״כ עד שילך מהם תואר לחם ע״י שרייה זו (אע״פ שאין עליהם תאר לחם מחמת שהם דקים ביותר) – שו״ע אדה״ז סי׳ קס״ח סעי׳ י״ט. וראה סדר ברה״נ פ״ב הי״ד.