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Shatnez checking a suit of the same brand that was checked and found Kosher



If I had a new suit tested and it was found to be Shaatnez-free, and then I purchased the same exact model suit from the same company, do I still need to check the new ones?



Yes, this new unchecked suit has to be also checked for Shaatnez. The one identical suit that was checked and been found without Shaatnez does not constitute a sufficient Chazaka to rely on in order to exempt checking the other identical unchecked suit.



There are over 20 places in a suit that are being checked for Shaatnez by the expert. Some spots are not universal even by well known manufacturers. Certainly, “one” suit is not sufficient. There are instances though – when Shaatnez Laboratory’s will rely on Chazaka, but that is only when checking numerous suits from the same maker and other details. (Even then, they might advise to be Mehader and check, since Shaatnez is a Lav Min HaTorah).




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