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Can one give a LGBT person a Aliya or let them be Chazzan?


Obviously a biological woman will always stay a woman and one may not give them an Aliya or let them be Chazzan regardless of how the look or dress.

A biological man that looks like or dresses like a women shouldn’t either be given an Aliya or to be Chazzan – or even sit in the men’s or women’s sections while dressed so (see the link below for additional details) – due to the issue of Maris Ayin and other issues.

A gay or bisexual man who lives with another man should be treated like any other person that is not Frum. He may receive an Aliya or be Chazzan as long as he isn’t defiant about his weakness and it won’t be perceived as giving a Hechsher to his actions.


For additional clarity, we bring you here a free translation of a letter of the Rebbe on a related topic:

Regarding an Aliya to the Torah for individuals that it is not clear how their observance in Torah and Mitzvos is … My answer is that the decision in this matter depends on many details, both in regard to the conduct of the individual who wants to receive an Aliya to the Torah and in regard to those who pray in the Shul and the way they will perceive it. In all matters which are done in public, these issues need also be brought into consideration. And in fitting with what was mentioned, only those who are locals are able to decide. However, it is understood that based on our Sages axiom, “always the right hand should draw closer and the left hand…” one needs to address this question too this way. And specifically when there is a doubt if at all one needs to even push with their left hand, for it is already mentioned, “its ways are pleasant ways and all of its paths are of peace…”

(Igros Kodesh vol. 14 p. 95)



Please also see this answer and it’s sources here: 

On which side of the Mechitzah does a transgender man sit?




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