Waking with no Negel Vasser by the bed



I awoke at about 4am to use the restroom, to my shock and dismay, no qvart was waiting in the shissel by my bed, I thought that my roommate was getting the Negel Vasser. I walked a few steps and stopped, and proceeded in this way – to the kitchen – three flights down!!! I then washed Negel Vasser at the kitchen sink. How was my soul effected? And what exactly can I do to rectify this situation retroactively?



You did the right thing, Your soul was not affected in any way.

The Zohar which states the consequence of someone who walked before washing his hands is referring to one who walked 4 Amos with out stop.

Of course it is better not to step on the floor at all before washing the hands, if practically possible. However in a case where for some reason the water was not put near the person and there is no one who could pass him water, he may walk less than 4 Amos at a time while stopping a little before taking the next few steps less than 4 Amos.



שוע”ר סי’ א ס”ז. קצה”ש ס”ב סק”ו. כה”ח סי ד סק”ב, ושם שיעמוד מעט כשיעור מה שהלך. וראה בארוכה אצלנו בהסכמה לס׳ כל מצותיך אמת אות א.

א”א מבוטשאטש סי ד – שלא להציג  רגליו על הארץ.