Ointments on Shabbos



My wife gave birth 3 weeks ago and the lactation expert told he she must apply olive oil and antibacterial cream 3 times a day. How can she do this on Shabbos?



If she started using the oil and cream before Shabbos she may continue on Shabbos. However, the cream should be dabbed on a little at a time, and not smeared.

The oil should not be applied directly on the infected area rather near it letting it flow on the infected area.

Also the last day of applying the oil and cream should not be on Shabbos.



ראה ציץ אליעזר חלק ח, סי’ טו פרק טו.

ראה שוע”ר שכז, א. ובקצוה”ש קלו, יג ובהערה כ שם. ובשוע”ר שכח, כח.